How Much Time Should Repiping Your Bathroom Take?

bathroom repipeOver time, even the best-quality pipes in your bathroom will eventually give in to wear and tear caused by corrosion, rust and leaks. When this happens, you have the option to have it repaired, but the much better and longer-lasting solution would be repiping your bathroom. Should you take the latter option, it’s absolutely important that bathroom repiping be handled by professional plumbers. To make sure that it’s done properly, professional plumbers have to be the ones to assess the state of your bathroom pipes and do the actual bathroom repipe themselves.

Like any sensible home owner, you’re probably wondering how long repiping your bathroom would take. Time, after all, is money, and you wouldn’t want bathroom repiping to last longer than it should. So how much time does repiping your bathroom should take?

Factors that affect duration of bathroom repipe

Relatively speaking, bathroom repiping is a simple procedure, but the duration of the process may depend on several factors. Skilled and experienced professional plumbers could probably finish repiping your bathroom in a day or two if it’s small and has a simple design. It will just be a straight up job of clearing floor tiles and drywalls to get access to the problem pipes, taking the old and damaged ones out and replacing them with brand new pipes. The ease of replacing the drywall and the floor tiles will also make finishing the bathroom repipe job much faster and less of a bother to you and your entire household.

Obviously, the larger the bathroom, the longer it would take. Repiping your bathroom may take even longer if your bathroom has a more complex design. The professional plumber repiping your bathroom has to consider how your bathroom is built as well as the materials used. They have to be very careful not to ruin any of your bathroom’s essential elements while trying to get to those pipes.

In these kinds of situations, the skill and experience of the professional plumbers doing the bathroom repipe have to be factored in to have an idea how long the job is going to take. In addition, they should also be well-equipped to do the bathroom repipe faster. When highly skilled, experienced and well-equipped professionals are repiping your large bathroom, it would probably take them a week to finish the job.

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