How To Fix Old Dripping Faucets

fix old dripping faucetsThere are a lot of things to treasure in an old home. The design, for one, can be quite unique, especially when you live in an area where every other house had been built decades later. Certain parts of the house also tend to be really sturdy, especially those made of real hardwood. The plumbing, however, is an entirely different story.

Old houses naturally have old plumbing systems, and old plumbing systems aren’t really that great to begin with. An old faucet alone can already cause many problems. The older the faucet, the more likely it is to produce leaks and raise your water bills in the process. You can always replace old faucets, but if you put a lot of sentimental value on that old faucet, you can always choose to just fix it, that is, if it can still be fixed. Here’s how to fix old dripping faucets.

1. Turn the water off

This is what you must do before doing any plumbing repair work, fixing old faucets included. As with most old plumbing systems, old faucets typically don’t have a shutoff line directly below the sink like newer faucets, so go to the water main and shut the water off at the source.

2. Remove the faucet

If your old faucet is single-handled, unscrew the screw located at the base of the handle and twist the faucet handle off. Two-handled faucets, on the other hand, requires popping off the plastic end caps of the handles. Then you need to remove the screws in the center of each handle, and twist the handles off.

3. Remove packing nut holding stem in place

There is a stem that is secured by packing nut to the sink. Unscrew that nut using a pair of pliers.

4. Remove stem assembly and check for damage

One of the first things you need to check for damage is the seat washer. If it appears damaged, corroded or worn, replace it with a new seat washer. The same goes for every screw and black rubber O-ring within the stem assembly.

5. Reassemble the faucet

After replacing all damaged parts, reassemble the faucet in reverse order and turn on the water.

An old dripping faucet is perhaps one of the easiest plumbing problems to deal with at home. However, if DIY is not an option for you, you can always call in a professional plumber. We at Beez Neez Plumbing have skilled and experienced plumbers who can efficiently fix old dripping faucets in no time at all. Just call us at 0438 800 711 at any time of day, and we’ll send help your way.