Why Install Water Efficient Dual Flush Toilets

install water efficient dual flush toiletsOne of the biggest uses of water within any given household is the flushing of the toilet. On average, a traditional or standard flush toilet uses 13 litres of water with a single flush. Obviously, water conservation wasn’t a priority by the people who created these standard flush toilets. However, now that people are getting more conscious about lowering their water bills, among other things, it’s about time we consider replacing our standard toilets with more water efficient ones.

At the forefront of these water efficient toilets are dual flush toilets, named so because of the two buttons that give you a choice when flushing solid or liquid waste. Obviously, solid waste will have to use more water, but the button for low-volume flushes gives you the option to use much less water for liquid waste. In any case, reduced water usage with every flush is just one of the benefits of a dual flush toilet. Here are some of the reasons we all should install water efficient dual flush toilets in our home.

Drastic reduction in water bills

For many households, this is the biggest attraction of dual flush toilets. Since a dual flush toilet can help you save as much as 9 liters of water every single time you flush, it follows that your water bill will also take a sharp dive at the end of the month. With a dual flush toilet, a residential household can save as much as 35,000 litres of water annually. Those savings are certainly going to reflect on your water bill.

Dual flush toilets are greener

The environmental impact of dual flush toilets is huge. After all, conserving water isn’t just about paying lower water bills. With the tens of thousands of litres saved by a household with a dual flush toilet every year, that household is contributing greatly to the worldwide effort of conserving water, which will always be a precious resource that we all should take care of. Imagine if all households switch to dual flush toilets. That would be equal to billions upon billions of water saved annually!

Maintaining a dual flush toilet is easier

To dispose of waste, standard toilets use a pressure siphoning system. Dual flush toilets, on the other hand, make use of gravity to dispose of waste down a large trapway. With this design, clogging wouldn’t be much of a problem anymore, and that will spare you from the headaches often associated with a clogged toilet.

Installing a dual flush toilet

Installing a dual flush toilet basically follows the same process of installing a standard toilet. You can actually go the DIY route when installing a dual flush toilet, but if you want the job to be done precisely and perfectly, hiring a professional plumber to do it is the only way to go. We at Beez Neez Plumbing have a roster of highly skilled and experienced professional plumbers who can easily to the job for you. Just give us a call, and we’ll be installing your dual flush toilet in no time.