How to Prevent Scalding At Home

preventing scalding at homeThe invention of the water heater has brought mankind numerous benefits. It is quite a blessing to be able to get a hot and comfortable shower even in the middle of the coldest weather. Water heaters, however, can also be a curse, especially if measures are not taken to ensure the safety of everyone in your household. Over the years, there have been reports of people getting scalded at home. While most have been minor burns, there are incidents where people have been treated for third-degree burns. Worse, there have been deaths, too.

The thing is, it isn’t too difficult to prevent scalding in the shower. Here are some tips on how to prevent scalding at home.

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Things to Do For A Worry-Free Summer Vacation

secure your homeAre you planning on going on a vacation this summer? If you are, then you must be very excited. After all, this summer vacation is your only break from the tedium of everyday life every year. However, no matter how exciting the trip will be, don’t too be excited to let slip from your mind the safety and security of your home while you’re away. Believe us, any stress you shed while on vacation will come back magnified when you return from your vacation to a home that’s been flooded, burgled or damaged in any way, shape or form, all because you failed to take certain precautions before leaving.

For a worry-free summer vacation, here are some things you need to do before taking off.

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The History of Plumbing – Great Video

Let’s face it: our lives are so dependent on plumbing that living without it is simply unimaginable. The funny thing is, we know how important plumbing is to us, but most of us actually wait for something wrong to happen before we give our plumbing any attention. Also, most of us are rather clueless as to how modern plumbing as we know it came to be.

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How To Save Water This Summer

save water this summerSummertime means hot days and sporadic rainfall, if any. This makes it even more important to save water this summer, especially when the sun seems to be getting hotter by the year, with parts of Australia being subjected to drought-like conditions. Aside from the fact that conserving water is the right thing to do, it also wouldn’t hurt to cut your water bills. So to save some money and conserve a precious resource at the same time, here are some tips on how to save water this summer.

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How to Hire a Plumber Wisely

hire a plumber wiselyWhen faced with a plumbing concern, the best thing you can do is hire a plumber straight away before the problem gets any worse. However, you have to be very smart about hiring plumbers. Some plumbers aren’t really plumbers, and are only out to take your money after doing a shoddy job. There are so many traveling trades con men out there these days, and you certainly wouldn’t want to fall victim to their shenanigans. Here are some tips on how to hire a plumber wisely.

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Reasons Your Tankless Water Heater Takes Longer to Heat Water

tankless water heaterThese days, lots of praises are being sung of tankless water heaters, and for good reason. Compared to conventional storage water heaters, tankless water heaters are regarded as a much better investment. That’s because operating a tankless water heater costs less in the long run compared to the traditional storage water heaters.

Still, tankless water heaters are not without its disadvantages. Of its cons, perhaps the most common is about the longer time it takes to heat water than conventional water heaters. Here are some of the reasons your tankless water heater takes longer to heat water.

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Tips to Reduce Energy Consumption of Your Water Heater

reduce energy consumption of your water heaterThe invention of the water heater is perhaps one of the best things that ever happened to mankind in general, particularly for those who live in the colder parts of the world. Thanks to the water heater, we get to enjoy warm and relaxing showers whenever we want.

If there’s a downside to water heaters, it’s the amount of energy it consumes to heat the water that comes out of our taps and showerheads. Water heaters make up a significant part of your entire household’s energy consumption. Fortunately, there are ways of reducing the energy consumption of your water heater. Here are some tips that will help you do just that.

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Maintenance Tips For Your Water Heater

maintenance tips for your water heaterWhoever invented the water heater deserves all the thanks we can give. However, considering how many among us completely neglect our water heaters, we don’t seem to appreciate them the way they deserve to be. If we did, we would perform regular maintenance on them, not completely ignore them until a problem comes up.

A water heater, like any other machine, requires maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape. By giving our water heater basic care, we can keep it running efficiently and for a long time. Given how expensive replacing a water heater can be, it is in our best interest to perform maintenance tasks on them. Here are some basic care tips for your water heater.

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Dealing With Water Hammer

dealing with water hammerWater hammer is perhaps one of the most unsettling things that you can encounter as far as your plumbing is concerned. While it’s not as damaging as, say, a leaking pipe, water hammer can jolt you with the strange noises coming from your home plumbing. More often than not, you hear hammering or banging when water hammer strikes. There are times when the sound that comes from the plumbing is a high-pitched pinging sound. In some cases, you can hear and feel the pipes shake and vibrate, which can be quite disturbing especially when you haven’t heard the phrase “water hammer” before.

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The Benefits of Having a Built In Soap Dispenser In Your Kitchen

sampleA house should always be clean, but the kitchen should be even cleaner than all other parts of your home. After all, it is where you prepare the food that your entire household eats day in and day out. However, with all the foodstuff you handle in the kitchen all the time, keeping the kitchen clean is essentially a never-ending chore. To make keeping it clean and germ-free easier for you, you might want to install a built in soap dispenser in your kitchen.

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