Overcoming Moulds

overcoming mouldsTo many home owners overcoming moulds is essential because mould is a source of major annoyance and frustration. Apart from doing some damage to your ceiling and walls, moulds cause health problems that include asthma, as well as allergies that make anyone who comes into contact with them have sneezing fits, bad headaches, throat irritation and coughing, among other things.

Humidity in the air is a major factor for the growth of moulds. They also develop when a house is not adequately insulated, as the contact between interior and exterior temperatures can result in condensation, therefore providing the dampness that is a hospitable place for the growth of moulds. As for the growth of moulds, it can also be hastened by the presence of so much indoor dust from fibres, animal dander and food.

Moulds can prove to be resilient, but they can be overcome.

Tips for overcoming moulds

Adequate insulation

As previously mentioned, a house that does not have proper insulation produces condensation that help moulds grow. In overcoming moulds, you must make sure that your house is adequately insulated between the attic and your living areas.

Check your roof for cracks or leaks

When moulds form on your ceiling, there’s a very big possibility that it is being caused by a leak in your roof. With water seeping from the roof, moulds are essentially provided a damp place to grow. To solve this issue, check your roof for cracks or leaks and if you find any, make the necessary repairs as soon as you can to prevent the leak from getting worse.

Seal window edges

Even if a home is properly insulated and the roof free of leaks or cracks, water or moisture can still get into the house via the edges of windows. You will need to properly seal the edges of your windows with caulk or weatherstripping to prevent water from coming in. On top of keeping water out, sealing your window edges also increases your home’s energy efficiency.

Moulds cause health problems, too

Let sunlight in

Moulds also thrive in dark places inside your home. Take those places away from them by letting the sunshine in. Draw the curtains and let natural light fill your home. This ought to be enough in overcoming moulds.

Control humidity in your attic

Humidity is a major factor in the growth of moulds, and it’s only logical take that factor out by controlling it. You can actually do that by installing a solar-powered attic fan, with a solar controller. When the temperature reaches 60 to 80 degrees, that would be the perfect time to turn the fan on and lower the said temperature, which is said to be perfect for mould growth.

Keep your home clean and dry

In all honesty, mould should not even be the primary reason why you have to do this particular tip. Moulds or not, you have to keep your home clean and dry at all times. A house that is damp and dirty is a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria, and of course, moulds. Take that breeding ground away by keeping every nook and corner of your home clean on a regular basis.

You and your family deserve an environment free of moulds. Follow these tips, and you’ll be on your way with regards overcoming moulds for good.