Plumbing Issues Only Professionals Should Fix

plumbing issues only professionals should fixIn the life of a home owner, it is but normal for plumbing issues to pop up every now and then. Some of these plumbing issues can be done the DIY way, like replacing washers or dealing with a simple drain clog. There are, however, certain plumbing problems that only professionals should fix. With their training, skills, experience and tools, professional plumbers are better equipped to deal with much more difficult plumbing problems. Here are some plumbing issues only professionals should fix.

Replacing a toilet

Whether you intend to fix a problem with a toilet or replace it with a new one, replacing a toilet is not as simple as many online DIY articles make it out to be. Removing and replacing a toilet requires precision. Anything less than that could make you prone to leaks, which is something you certainly wouldn’t want to deal with if we’re talking about toilets. If you want to replace your toilet properly and neatly, call a professional plumber.

Sewer line clogs

A simple clogged drain can be dealt with using a plunger, drain cleaners or even wire hangers. Sewer line clogs, however, are an entirely different story. The blockage is much deeper, and you can’t remove that clog with just a plunger, drain cleaners or wire hangers. Such a job requires a plumber’s snake. Although you can rent a plumber’s snake and remove the sewer line clog yourself, you can hardly call yourself experienced in its use, and you might cause more problems if you use it wrongly. Professional plumbers, on the other hand, use plumber’s snakes all the time, and will therefore be more effective at removing that sewer line clog.

Tree roots in the sewer line

When a sewer line is clogged not by some accumulation of material inside the pipes but by the intrusion of tree roots, the only person you can trust to fix this problem is a professional plumber. Again, equipment for the removal of these tree roots are available for rent, but many home owners who do try to fix this problem themselves end up damaging the pipes. Professional plumbers are skilled at handling this equipment, and your sewer pipes stand a better chance of staying intact and functional after the removal of those tree roots.

Leaky pipes

At best, those DIY tutorials you can find online on how to fix leaky pipes are temporary at best. That’s because even the best sealants—which are often at the core of any online DIY tutorial for fixing leaky pipes—will never be enough to do the job as it never addresses the problem from its root cause, which could be any of a number of things. Professional plumbers, on the other hand, know how to find what’s really causing the leaks, and will be able to repair the issue from there.

Fixing pipes in a crawl space

It’s not uncommon for pipes to be situated in places where you have to do a little contortionist act just to be able to get to them to fix the problem. When you’re older and a bit out of shape, it would be too much for you to try to squeeze your body into a crawl space. So save yourself the trouble and get a professional plumber, who considers getting into crawl spaces part of his/her job.

These are just some of the plumbing issues that are best left to professional plumbers. If you ever need one, just call us at Beez Neez Plumbing, and we’ll make sure your plumbing issues get solved in no time at all.