Plumbing Maintenance Tips For Rental Units

plumbing maintenance tips for rental unitsBeing a landlord and having apartments or houses being rented out isn’t just about receiving monthly rent from tenants. As a landlord, you have several major responsibilities, not the least among them is plumbing maintenance in your rental units. It is your duty to provide your tenants with a working plumbing system, from clean running water to a normally functioning sink and bathroom. Should there any of your tenants come to you with a plumbing problem, it is also your duty to attend to them immediately.

Apart from addressing the needs (and rights) of your tenants, performing plumbing maintenance on your rental units also helps you protect your investment. As long as your rental units have properly maintained plumbing systems, potential renters will continue to pour in over the years. Here are some plumbing maintenance tips that will help you keep things that way.

Always use quality plumbing materials

One of the most important things about maintaining plumbing systems in rental units is to always use quality plumbing materials. We’d like to put an emphasis on this, because many landlords do use materials of inferior quality in their plumbing maintenance work in the hopes of saving money. In the long run, however, using inferior materials is going to cost you more. By installing cheaper but low quality faucets, showerheads, toilets and other fixtures in your rental units, you are more likely to replace them sooner than you expect. So if you don’t want the hassle of being called upon often to fix a plumbing issue, we recommend that you always use quality materials for the plumbing systems in your rental units.

Attend to plumbing problems right away

Another thing that you should never do as a landlord is to put off or totally ignore complaints from tenants about the plumbing. As you well know, a plumbing problem that isn’t given any attention right away will definitely worsen over time. Today, it’s just a slow toilet; tomorrow, it could be an entirely clogged one. Always keep in mind that the minute a tenant says something about a slow-flushing toilet, mould, or any problem caused by bad plumbing, you have to attend to it as soon as you can. Delay it or ignore it, and you will be facing higher costs because of a bad plumbing problem that just got worse.

Try more efficient fixtures

Over the years, even the quality plumbing materials you have already installed in your rental units are going to need replacing. Of course you have to replace them with materials that are just as good. These days, however, you can do better. By better, we mean you now have the chance to replace problematic plumbing fixtures with more efficient ones. You can go for those modern dual-flush toilets and showerheads which are designed to cut your water usage by half. While it’s true that they could be more expensive, think of such upgrades as a way to attract more renters, because efficient toilets and shower heads are a plus in the eyes of a potential renter.

Have a professional perform plumbing maintenance

Most importantly of all, the plumbing systems in your rental units should have been installed by professional plumbers in the first place. It’s the only way to ensure that everything would be working properly. To this end, we would also recommend that you have a professional plumber do the maintenance or repairs on your rental units’ plumbing systems. That is something that we at Beez Neez Plumbing can help you with. Give us a call, and we’ll be there for you when you need our help.