Protect Your Plumbing While On Vacation

protect your plumbing while on vacationVacations are supposedly an opportunity to leave all your worries behind and enjoy that trip to a far-off land with your loved ones. However, the possibility of a plumbing disaster at home while you’re away always hangs above your head, particularly when you haven’t really done much to make sure nothing of the sort happens.

To get some piece of mind while you’re on vacation, there are a number of things you can do with your home’s plumbing system before you leave. Here are some ways to protect your plumbing while on vacation.

Turn off the water main

It is absolutely important for any home owner to know where their plumbing system’s main water shutoff valve is located. Typically, the main water shutoff valve can be found in the basement or in a utility area on a wall outside the house. By locating it and turning it off just before you go on vacation, you will be cutting off the water supply to the entire house, and that will lessen the likelihood of flooding in your home case of a plumbing accident.

Shut off individual water supplies

There are times when you can’t just shut off the water main, like when you have a lawn that requires watering every now and to remain green and a sprinkler system that activates on a timer. When this is the case, you have to shut off the water supply of every individual fixture or appliance in your home. Turn faucets, toilets and washing machines off to make sure no water flows out of them even when the main water supply is turned on.

Check supply lines to appliances and toilets

If your main water supply could not be shut down for any reason, you would do well to take a closer look at the supply lines to appliances and toilets. Cracks, bulges or other signs of damage could mean a leak and subsequent water damage in the future, so make sure you replace those damaged hoses with new ones before going on vacation.

Turn your water heater off

When you turn your water heater off, you are doing more than just protecting your plumbing system while you’re away. You’re also reducing your energy consumption and therefore your energy bills.

Check your water heater for leaks

Speaking of your water heater, you also need to check the storage tank of your hot water system for any signs of corrosion or rust. When you find some, you have to get the help of a professional to address this issue. Ignoring your compromised water heater could only raise the likelihood of your basement flooding by the time you get back.

Tell someone you trust you’re going on vacation

It’s always best to tell someone you trust that you’re going on vacation. Nothing beats having a trusted neighbour, friend or relative to keep an eye on your home and inform you about any emergency that may arise. Just don’t forget to leave that person your emergency contact details.