Three Good Reasons to Renovate Your Bathroom

renovate your bathroomAs you read all those magazines and watch those shows that showcase the bathrooms of your dreams, the desire to renovate your bathroom becomes even stronger. After all, no home owner could ever say no to a bathroom that sparkles in more ways than one, so to speak. When you look at your own bathroom right now, it’s likely that you’re secretly wishing you could get a bathroom renovation project off the ground.

Then again, you need to realise that a bathroom renovation project is not that easy. It is, in fact, one of the more complex renovations you can do for your home. You’re going to need plumbers, electricians and tillers for the job. On top of all that, you will likely want to buy highly decorative (and of course, more expensive) items for your bathroom. Unless budget is not a problem for the entire bathroom renovation project, you will probably need to have compelling reasons to renovate your bathroom. Those reasons could be any of the following:

Your bathroom is getting smaller

This is most especially true for families that are growing bigger. The bathroom was fine when it was just the two of you, but as the years went by, there might have been new additions to the family, and new additions mean more users of the bathroom. With a bathroom renovation, you can create more usable space in that very important part of the home. These days, the wide range of bathroom components in the market can certainly help you create a lot of new possible layouts that will give your bathroom a more spacious look and feel.

You want to increase water efficiency

If your bathroom is a particularly old one, it is highly probable that it isn’t as water efficient as you would like it to be. The showers and toilet cisterns of old bathrooms typically use up more water compared to much later designs. When your renovate your bathroom, you can install a dual flush toilet that can help you save as much as 9 liters of water every single time you flush. There are newer showerheads that are designed to save you a lot of water as well. With more recent designs, you can certainly save a lot of money come water bill time.

Bathroom renovation can boost property value

Many home owners look forward to selling their property in the near future, and a bathroom renovation almost always assures a great price in the real estate market. If you sell your property with the same old bathroom that looks old and weathered, many prospective buyers would be turned off and will likely haggle for a much lower price tag. To make your bathroom renovation as property value-boosting as possible without spending a lot, try adding a window for more natural light. Reglazing rather than replacing your tub would also be a good idea.

So if the above reasons are enough to get you to renovate your bathroom, get your bathroom renovation project started now by calling us. We at Beez Neez Plumbing count bathroom renovation as one of our specialities, having done such projects over the years with great results. Give us a call, and we’ll take care of your bathroom renovation project for you.