Signs Your Ductwork Is Not In Good Shape

signs your ductwork is not in good shapeYour home’s ductwork system is certainly just as important as the pipes in your plumbing system. If your plumbing is responsible for channelling water into your home, your ductwork system is primarily designed to circulate air all over the house, channelling airflow from living space to living space and helping everyone in the household become more comfortable.

Unlike a plumbing system, however, a ductwork system that is not in good shape can be hard to detect immediately. With plumbing systems, problems are relatively easier to pinpoint. Just look for a puddle somewhere and you’ll know there’s a water leak. Air leaks in your ductwork system, on the other hand, aren’t that easy to zero in on. Then again, there will always be signs your ductwork is not in good shape, and you’ll do well to notice these signs without actually having to venture into the attic or basement to look for ductwork system faults.

Rattling and humming noises

Every single time they’re operational, ducts are subjected to significant amounts of static pressure and stress in general. All that stress and pressure could loosen connections at the duct’s seams, outlets and grills. A major indicator that your ductwork system has loose connections in any of these parts is a rattling and humming noise.

Reduced airflow

You can tell a lot about how your air ducts are doing by the amount of air pressure from the supply registers or vents. If the supply registers in some rooms have reduced airflow, it’s probably because of problems with the connecting supply duct. reduced airflow could be caused by the collapse or disconnection of a section of the ductwork system, or significant air leakage.

Reduced airflow temperature

Aside from the pressure of the air coming through the ducts, you can also tell that your ductwork system has a problem if there is a reduced airflow temperature. Differences in the temperature of the air flowing through the ducts could indicate air leakage or thermal loss from deteriorated insulation.

Dead-end ducts

If there is one room in your house that just doesn’t get warm even with your HVAC system running at full blast, then you have a ductwork system problem. Causes may vary from air leaks brought about by holes or inadequate seals to collapsed or disconnected sections of the ductwork itself.

Sharp increase in your monthly electric bill

If you suspect that your ductwork system is not in good shape but you’re not just too sure about it, just wait till the end of the month when you get your electric bill. If you notice that there’s a sharp increase in your monthly bill, the chances that you are bleeding precious warm air through a problematic ductwork system.

Should you want to be absolutely sure that your ductwork system is not in good shape and therefore needs to be dealt with, you can just call us at Beez Neez Plumbing. We have trained professionals who can spot, assess and fix ductwork system problems far more efficiently and quickly than most people can.