Stop Plumbing Problems Before They Begin

stop plumbing problemsIt has been said time and again: for most home owners, the only time they ever pay any attention to their plumbing is when a problem pops up. The thing is, most, if not all plumbing problems that arise too soon can actually be prevented if only they took some proactive measures.

As with everything else in our lives, a smidgen of prevention will always be worth so much more than tons of any cure. Be a bit more proactive when it comes to your plumbing, and you won’t have to deal with plumbing problems that often any more. Here are some of the preventative measures you can take to stop plumbing problems before they begin.

Be careful what you flush down the toilet

Only human waste and toilet paper designed to dissolve in water should ever get flushed into the toilet. Anything else, from wet wipes to condoms to diapers, would only cause you plumbing problems in the form of a clogged toilet. Keep an eye on your children too, if you have any, because many of them just couldn’t help themselves from throwing their toys into the toilet. If they’re old enough to understand, talk to them and tell them to never ever do anything of the sort.

Keep your drains clear

Your kitchen and shower drains should only take in water and nothing else. Pour grease and jam bits of food into your kitchen drain and you can be sure it will get clogged in a few weeks’ time. You should also stop hair from making it into the shower drain, because hair can clog it up big time. To make sure hair won’t ever reach that far, install a shower hair trap or strainer. Do that, and all you’ll have to do is pick up all the hair that accumulates there after each shower.

Keep your drains clean

It’s not enough to just prevent stuff other than water from getting into your drains. You should also clean your drains periodically to prevent any build-up of stuff in your sink. Most home owners use commercial drain cleaners, but the chemicals in these cleaners can prove to be harmful both to your pipes and to your health. To be on the safe side, you can make your own drain cleaner using baking soda, vinegar and hot water.

Keep an eye on your pipes

It wouldn’t hurt to regularly inspect all the pipes in your home for any signs of wear and tear. If you see any pipes that are leaking, bulging, loose or appearing like they don’t have proper support, take immediate action to fix them and prevent a plumbing disaster from ever happening.

If plumbing problems still crop up despite all your efforts, it’s probable that there is a much deeper problem with your plumbing system. Fortunately, our team of professional plumbers here at Beez Neez Plumbing has the skills, experience and equipment necessary to deal with any plumbing problem thrown their way. Just call the number somewhere on this page, and we’ll send our top professional plumbers your way to help you, whatever the nature of the plumbing problem.