Signs Your Ductwork Is Not In Good Shape

signs your ductwork is not in good shapeYour home’s ductwork system is certainly just as important as the pipes in your plumbing system. If your plumbing is responsible for channelling water into your home, your ductwork system is primarily designed to circulate air all over the house, channelling airflow from living space to living space and helping everyone in the household become more comfortable.

Unlike a plumbing system, however, a ductwork system that is not in good shape can be hard to detect immediately. With plumbing systems, problems are relatively easier to pinpoint. Just look for a puddle somewhere and you’ll know there’s a water leak. Air leaks in your ductwork system, on the other hand, aren’t that easy to zero in on. Then again, there will always be signs your ductwork is not in good shape, and you’ll do well to notice these signs without actually having to venture into the attic or basement to look for ductwork system faults.

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