Reasons Your Faucet is Dripping

reasons your faucet is drippingFew things are as annoying as a constantly dripping faucet. It’s funny how that drip-drip-drip sound seems to get magnified while we’re sleeping—or trying to sleep—at night. If this is driving you crazy, you won’t be the first one. A dripping faucet is something that tends to persist despite all your efforts to put a stop to it. For this reason, some home owners eventually give up and learn to ignore this problem.

However, a dripping faucet is not something you can ignore forever. Despite its seemingly innocuous nature, a dripping faucet can actually cause some measure of damage. They can cause unsightly water stains, for one. Leave it dripping long enough, and it can also cause some flooding. Then there’s that minor detail of your utility bill skyrocketing, because no matter how slow the dripping seems to be, it still wastes a lot of water in the long run. You have to fix a dripping faucet immediately, but you have to determine what is causing it before taking any action. Here are some of the possible reasons your faucet is dripping.

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How to Tell If You Have a Leaking Toilet

leaking toiletIf you’re not vigilant enough, you might have a toilet leak and not know about it for some time. When your latest water bill comes, you are likely to get the shock of your life upon seeing how much you will have to pay for all that water wasted right under your nose.

To avoid paying that much for water you didn’t even get to use, you have to check your toilet for leaks every now and then. Here are some ways to tell if you have a leaking toilet.

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Plumbing Problems In Sydney

plumbing issuesSooner or later, a home owner will have to deal with plumbing problems. While high quality and well maintained plumbing systems lower the frequency of having to deal with plumbing issue, such problems—the more common ones in particular—will still pop up for one reason or another. Among the more common plumbing problems in Sydney that you have to deal with straight away include the following:

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The Top 6 Things That Can Damage Our Plumbing Systems

things that can damage our plumbing systemsIt is typical for many home owners to completely neglect their plumbing system when it’s working just fine. More often than not, we do more than just neglect it. We also do things that could damage them, sometimes unknowingly. When something goes wrong, that’s the only time most of us pay any attention, which shouldn’t really be the case. We should always take care of our plumbing since it’s basically the most important part of a home’s infrastructure.

In fairness, we’re not the only ones doing things that damage our plumbing systems. Some are natural occurrences that we are essentially powerless to stop. Here are the top 6 things that can damage our plumbing systems.

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How to Shut Down A Leaking Water Heater

shut down a leaking water heaterYou know it’s time to replace your water heater when you see a puddle of water on the floor underneath the tank. That means you have a water heater leak, and the fact that it’s leaking from the bottom means it already needs a replacement.

When you stumble upon such a puddle on your floor, you need to take action immediately before things get worse. You have to know how to perform an emergency shutdown not only when there is a water heater leak, but also when it shows other signs that there’s something wrong with it. Here’s how to shut down a leaking water heater:

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Plumbing Work That Only Professionals Should Do

professional plumbersMany home owners choose to go the do-it-yourself route when it comes to fixing plumbing problems. This, of course, is quite understandable. After all, fixing things around the house DIY-style not only saves them money, but also gives them a certain amount of pride.

However, it is a fact that not all plumbing problems can be fixed using a do-it-yourself approach. There are plumbing issues that require the skills, experience and equipment of professional plumbers. If a home owner does not really have the requisite skills, experience and equipment to deal with bigger plumbing problems, he is more likely to make things worse should he stubbornly insist on doing the plumbing work himself.

To give you an idea about the kinds of plumbing work best left to professional plumbers, take a look at the list below.

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6 Reasons Your Garbage Disposal Is Not Working

reasons your garbage disposal is not workingFew things in life are as frustrating as finding out, after hours of labouring in the kitchen and getting your hands all filthy with food bits, that the garbage disposal, that very indispensable of kitchen tools, is not working. You flick the disposal switch every few seconds or so, but nothing happens.

A garbage disposal, like all household tools, can go on the fritz too, sometimes a little more frequently than the others. The following are some of the more common reasons your garbage disposal is not working.

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When A Leaking Tap Is Driving You Nuts

leaking tapIt’s really unsettling how the sound of water dripping from a leaking tap tends to magnify itself a few dozen times over, especially at night when you’re trying to sleep. Your leaking tap might as well be hooked up to your stereo system for all the loudness it manages to muster.

More than the annoying noise it makes, however, all that water dripping from your leaking tap is a terrible waste of water. In a world where a significant percentage of the population still has no access to clean water, it is mighty irresponsible for us to not do anything about that leaking tap and just let it waste all that water away.

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How to Deal With A Plumbing Emergency

how to handle a plumbing emergencyA plumbing emergency can strike any home, often at the most inconvenient of times. It could be a clogged toilet, or worse, burst pipes that threaten to flood your place and do a lot of damage.

While getting the services of an emergency plumber is basically the only thing to do if and when a plumbing emergency strikes, keep in mind that the skilled and experienced professional plumber you are asking for help from will not be there instantly to fix the damage. Unless the plumber lives right next door to you, you should know how to deal with a plumbing emergency while waiting for the emergency plumber to arrive.

Here are some tips on how to deal with a plumbing emergency while waiting for the emergency plumber to arrive.

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Locating the Water Shutoff Valve

locate your water shutoff valveLet’s assume for a second that you are currently facing a plumbing emergency, say, a burst pipe. The water that’s escaping from the damaged pipe is already starting to flood your property, and you need to shut off the water supply. The problem is, you have no idea where the main water shutoff valve is. If you can’t locate your water shutoff valve, there is no way you can stop the flooding and before you know it, your property has already sustained flood damage that is going to cost you a lot.

Knowing where to locate your water shutoff valve is very important. Don’t be like one of those home owners who only care to know anything about their plumbing systems when a plumbing emergency strikes. Here are the usual locations of a water shutoff valve at home.

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