Sewer Sensors To Pinpoint Bomb-Makers

intelligent sensors in the sewerage systemThis one sounds like it’s straight out of some high-octane sci-fi thriller, but it’s all true. According to an article written by Ben Coxworth for GizMag, a consortium called EMPHASIS is actually developing technology that could track chemicals that bomb-makers leave behind and eventually flow down the drain, and accurately locate where they actually originated.

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Ten Unusual Facts About Toilets

unusual facts about toiletsCan you imagine how different our lives would be if the toilet hadn’t been invented? Sure, man has lived for thousands of years without the convenience provided by the venerable water closet, but it’s still hard to picture the men and women of today just digging a hole in the ground when answering the call of nature.

All things considered, the toilet is simply the most important invention as far as making our everyday lives easier is concerned. Let’s celebrate this most basic of modern conveniences with a list of unusual facts about toilets that many among us may have never heard of before.

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