Things to Do For A Worry-Free Summer Vacation

secure your homeAre you planning on going on a vacation this summer? If you are, then you must be very excited. After all, this summer vacation is your only break from the tedium of everyday life every year. However, no matter how exciting the trip will be, don’t too be excited to let slip from your mind the safety and security of your home while you’re away. Believe us, any stress you shed while on vacation will come back magnified when you return from your vacation to a home that’s been flooded, burgled or damaged in any way, shape or form, all because you failed to take certain precautions before leaving.

For a worry-free summer vacation, here are some things you need to do before taking off.

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Flexible or Rigid Ductwork?

flexible or rigid ductworkThe ductwork plays a big major role in making your home more energy efficient. The work ducts do is mostly hidden from view, but it does some of the most essential work in keeping your home warm or cool. Given how important it is, you would naturally want to have the best kind of ductwork for your home. The question is, which ductwork type is the best?

As far as ductwork is concerned, you have two choices: flexible or rigid. From the word itself, flexible ductwork can be molded rather easily so it would fit a variety of positions. Rigid ductwork, on the other hand, is exactly what the word suggests: it is rigid. Usually made of metal, rigid ductwork cannot be bent or curved the way flexible ducts do. It is always in a fixed position. Here are some pros and cons to help you make your decision which type of ductwork to use for your home.

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Prevent Mould Growth Inside Your Home

prevent mould growthOnce you see fuzzy black specks on a wall or ceiling in your home, you know that you are having a mould problem. Ideally, you should nip the mould growth in the bud, but sometimes, owing to our busy everyday lives, we fail to take immediate action and forgo cleaning the mould growth for days on end. More often than not, we only start paying any attention to it when the mould growth has spread. By then, cleaning it would significantly involve a lot more time and effort, when everything could have been prevented in the first place.

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How to Get Rid of Window Mould

Get Rid of Window MouldFew things are as unsightly as mould in your home. Mould, however, is more than just something that’s unpleasant to behold. They also happen to pose a threat not just to the structure of your home, but also to the health of everyone in your household. When inhaled, mold spores can worsen allergies and even lead to severe respiratory issues. That’s why when you see mould, you should immediately do what you can to eliminate it.

Mould can grow anywhere humid and damp, and your windowsills could be one of those spots. If there is mould growth on the windows of your house that you’d like to eliminate immediately, here are some tips we hope would be useful.

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Why Carbon Monoxide Detection At Home Is Important

carbon monoxide detectionCarbon monoxide, or CO, has a well-deserved moniker: the silent killer. That’s because this gas, which is the byproduct of combustion, is essentially undetectable to our senses. Aside from being invisible, carbon monoxide is also odourless and tasteless. To make things worse, carbon monoxide is highly toxic to humans and animals, often causing deaths when encountered in higher concentrations.

The thing is, carbon monoxide poisoning is a very real danger within our own homes, especially during the cold months of winter. Since we have household appliances that burn fuel such as wood stoves, gas heaters, and kerosene space heaters, it is very likely for a home to be replete with carbon monoxide in the air, without the home owner knowing it. Carbon monoxide also comes out of car exhaust, adding to the risk.

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Prep Your Home Before Going On Vacation

prep your homeLike everyone else who gets the chance for a vacation, you are pretty excited about this summer holiday you’re planning to go on with your entire family. After a solid year of hard work and sky-high stress levels, you finally have the opportunity to relax and bask under the heat of the summer sun as your family does all kinds of fun things on the beach.

Without a doubt, you are more than prepared for this trip. The question is, is your home ready for the time you leave? Remember that your home will be empty for the duration of your summer holiday, and that makes it a prime target for burglars and other unsavoury elements of society. Plus, an emergency could take place while you’re out, and no one will be there to take care of it.

You need to prep your home just as much as you’ve prepared for your trip. To help you out, here are some tips that we hope would help you prep your home before going on vacation.

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Overcoming Moulds

overcoming mouldsTo many home owners overcoming moulds is essential because mould is a source of major annoyance and frustration. Apart from doing some damage to your ceiling and walls, moulds cause health problems that include asthma, as well as allergies that make anyone who comes into contact with them have sneezing fits, bad headaches, throat irritation and coughing, among other things.

Humidity in the air is a major factor for the growth of moulds. They also develop when a house is not adequately insulated, as the contact between interior and exterior temperatures can result in condensation, therefore providing the dampness that is a hospitable place for the growth of moulds. As for the growth of moulds, it can also be hastened by the presence of so much indoor dust from fibres, animal dander and food.

Moulds can prove to be resilient, but they can be overcome.

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Why Ventilation Exhaust Fans Are Important

ventilation exhaust fansIf your home doesn’t have ventilation exhaust fans just yet, take a look at many of today’s homes and you’ll see that most of them are geared towards energy efficiency. With the ever-rising cost of electricity these days, it is only logical for home owners to do everything they can to save money on energy, and help the environment at the same time.

However, one clear downside of having a house that is airtight—characteristic of any energy-efficient home—is that it also means poor air circulation inside the house, which could lead to a lot of unpleasant consequences. That is why ventilation exhaust fans are important.  Consider the following and see why you need to have them installed in your home:

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Why You Need To Keep Your Home Mould-Free

why you need to keep your home mould-freeIn an outdoor environment, mould breaks down dead materials and is therefore an essential part of the ecosystem. Mould indoors, however, is an entirely different story.

Homes that have leaks and high indoor humidity are favourite breeding grounds of mould, and mould poses serious dangers to your health and to your house’s structure as well.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to keep your home mould-free.

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