Your Water Heater Power Source Choices

water heater power sourceSo you’re buying a new water heater since your old one has finally given up the ghost. You’re probably thinking of purchasing the exact same type of water heater, the one that has served you for a long time. However, it wouldn’t hurt to explore other options, especially when there are a lot of power source choices for water heaters these days. In fact, exploring all your options before making a selection is a wise thing to do. Here are some of the water heater power source choices available in the market today that you might want to check out first.

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How to Tell If Your Water Heater Needs Fixing

how to tell if your water heater needs fixingIt’s hard to imagine everyday life without a water heater at home. Because of the water heater, we are essentially spared from the sheer agony of taking baths, washing dishes or doing laundry using nothing but freezing water. However, many home owners tend to neglect their water heater, and only pay any attention to it when you step into the shower one day and get the shock of your life when the supposedly warm water coming from your showerhead suddenly turns ice-cold.

You, as a home owner, should be familiar with water heaters. You have to know the signs that there’s something wrong with the water heater so you can fix things before they get any worse. Here are tips on how to tell if your water heater needs fixing.

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About Water Heater Replacement

water heater replacementCompared to the water heaters of a couple of decades ago, the water heaters available in the market today are so much more efficient and longer-lasting. However, the most modern water heater being sold today will still need to be replaced eventually. After all, water heaters, like everything else man-made, don’t last forever.

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How To Extend The Life Of Your Water Heater

extend the life of your water heaterWater heaters are built to last a long time. Gas water heaters, for instance, typically last for 10 years. Electric water heaters, on the other hand, have an even longer lifespan at 15 years. However, your water heater lasting that long will still depend on how regularly you perform maintenance work on this very important appliance.

A more commonly known way to extend the life of your water heater is to drain it. This maintenance task needs to be done at least once a year to get rid of sediments that have accumulated over time. There is, however, a lesser-known but more effective way to extend the life of your water heater, and it involves something called a sacrificial anode.

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The Benefits of Indirect Water Heaters

benefits of indirect water heatersIf this is the first time you’ve heard of indirect water heaters, don’t worry. You’ll just be one of the many home owners who don’t know about them, much less how they work, even though they have been around since the 1970s.

For the benefit of home owners who don’t know much about them, indirect water heaters are typically connected to a boiler through piping. They get their indirect heating from the boilers they’re attached to, which explains the name. Indirect water heaters circulate hot water from the boiler to a heat exchanger within the water heater. The coils of heat exchanger, in turn, heat the water for your use at home.

Indirect water heaters offer a lot of benefits, and here are some of them:

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Why Many Home Owners Still Prefer Storage Tank Water Heaters

storage tank water heatersMuch has been said about tankless water heaters and their many benefits. While many home owners have already made the switch to tankless water heaters, it’s a fact that most people still go with traditional storage tank water heaters because they believe it’s still the best choice out there. Here are some of the reasons why many home owners still prefer storage tank water heaters over tankless water heaters.

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5 Advantages of Solar Hot Water Systems

solar hot water systemsWe all need hot water systems in our homes, but we also often complain about the utility costs of operating one–paving the way for the emergence of solar hot water systems. Whether it’s a gas or an electrical hot water system, it still consumes a tremendous amount of energy just to provide us with hot water for our showers.

Solar hot water systems, however, are an entirely different story. Here are some of the advantages of solar hot water systems that may just prompt you to make the switch from traditional gas or electric water heaters.

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Why Water Heater Installation Should Always Be Done by Professionals

water heater installationA lot of home owners take pride in their ability to do just about any kind of plumbing work or repairs around the house, and water heater installation is no exception. Some plumbing work or repairs, however, are best left to people who are actually skilled, experienced and licensed to do it. Water heater installation is one of those plumbing tasks that need the expertise of someone who actually does it for a living.

The primary motivation for many home owners who go the DIY route to install water heaters is to save money, which is not a bad thing at all. More often than not, however, home owners who opt for DIY first when installing a hot water system end up spending more than originally planned because the work they did fall short of standards, therefore requiring a professional plumber to fix things up.

If you need more reasons why water heater installation should always be done by professionals, read on:

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Things to Consider When Switching From Electric to Gas Heating

switching from electric to gas heatingEveryone knows that the price of electricity seems to be going nowhere but up. For this very reason, more and more home owners are now going for electric to gas conversion to keep their homes warm and comfortable during the cold winter months.

For sure, gas heaters are a great alternative to electric heaters, particularly when the gas heater is powered by natural gas. Natural gas burns very cleanly and does not produce any odour when in operation. It’s also relatively cheaper. However, there are a number of things that a home owner should consider before switching from electric to gas heating. Here are some of them.

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Is A Continuous Flow Hot Water System For You?

continuous flow hot water systemHot water systems provide us great comfort when we’re taking a shower. That comfort, however, can easily turn into agony the minute the flow of hot water from your water heater disappears. This is typical of a tank-type water heater, which may continually heat the water stored in its tank but is constantly refilled with cold water, effectively rendering any heated water less than hot enough for comfort. In most cases, we have to wait for about 25-30 minutes before we can get properly heated water again.

If you are sick and tired of running out of hot water all the time, perhaps you might want to take a look at what a continuous flow hot water system can offer, and you might just have one installed in your home.

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