How to Prevent Scalding At Home

preventing scalding at homeThe invention of the water heater has brought mankind numerous benefits. It is quite a blessing to be able to get a hot and comfortable shower even in the middle of the coldest weather. Water heaters, however, can also be a curse, especially if measures are not taken to ensure the safety of everyone in your household. Over the years, there have been reports of people getting scalded at home. While most have been minor burns, there are incidents where people have been treated for third-degree burns. Worse, there have been deaths, too.

The thing is, it isn’t too difficult to prevent scalding in the shower. Here are some tips on how to prevent scalding at home.

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Maintenance Tips For Your Water Heater

maintenance tips for your water heaterWhoever invented the water heater deserves all the thanks we can give. However, considering how many among us completely neglect our water heaters, we don’t seem to appreciate them the way they deserve to be. If we did, we would perform regular maintenance on them, not completely ignore them until a problem comes up.

A water heater, like any other machine, requires maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape. By giving our water heater basic care, we can keep it running efficiently and for a long time. Given how expensive replacing a water heater can be, it is in our best interest to perform maintenance tasks on them. Here are some basic care tips for your water heater.

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Protect Your Plumbing While On Vacation

protect your plumbing while on vacationVacations are supposedly an opportunity to leave all your worries behind and enjoy that trip to a far-off land with your loved ones. However, the possibility of a plumbing disaster at home while you’re away always hangs above your head, particularly when you haven’t really done much to make sure nothing of the sort happens.

To get some piece of mind while you’re on vacation, there are a number of things you can do with your home’s plumbing system before you leave. Here are some ways to protect your plumbing while on vacation.

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When There is Sediment in Your Water Heater

sediment in your water heaterAs you use your water heater over the years, it is but normal for sediment to form inside the storage tank. The water that we use at home, after all, contain naturally-occurring minerals, and those minerals solidify when exposed to high temperatures. Sometimes, the sediments come from sand and other particles in well and municipal water too. The problem with sediment in your water heater is that they eventually settle to the bottom of the storage tank and cause a number of issues.

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Your Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

plumbing maintenance checklistIdeally, home owners should be regularly conducting maintenance tasks on their plumbing system to ensure that everything about it will be in fine working condition all year long. However, many home owners don’t even have the slightest idea where to begin checking. More often than not, they feel like they’re trying to find a needle in a haystack when checking their plumbing system.

If you’re one of those home owners, here is a plumbing maintenance checklist that you can refer to in order to ensure your plumbing system is in tip-top shape.

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The BEST Chatswood Plumber

best Chatswood plumberI have been in the plumbing business for a long time, and I know for a fact that my company, Beez Neez Plumbing, is just one of dozens serving the Chatswood area, but I can say with no small amount of certainty that I am the best Chatswood plumber these days for a wide range of reasons.

My claim to be the best plumber in Chatswood might sound pretty bold from where you’re sitting, but I strongly believe in that claim, because of what I offer to customers, which include:

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Stop Plumbing Problems Before They Begin

stop plumbing problemsIt has been said time and again: for most home owners, the only time they ever pay any attention to their plumbing is when a problem pops up. The thing is, most, if not all plumbing problems that arise too soon can actually be prevented if only they took some proactive measures.

As with everything else in our lives, a smidgen of prevention will always be worth so much more than tons of any cure. Be a bit more proactive when it comes to your plumbing, and you won’t have to deal with plumbing problems that often any more. Here are some of the preventative measures you can take to stop plumbing problems before they begin.

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Check the Plumbing Before Buying a Home

check the plumbing before buying a homeSo you have finally found a house that you like inside and out, and you’re thinking about closing the deal straight away. However, before you make that decision, remember that houses that you didn’t build yourself tend to hold some deep, dark secrets of their own. The house may look gorgeous, but there could be a problem lurking behind its walls or underground. I’m talking about plumbing, which is one of the most important things you need to be sure of when buying a house.

Buying a house is a major purchase, and it’s important not to lose your head just because you think the house looks perfect for you. Before closing any deal, make sure you arrange for a home plumbing inspection to make sure that you’re not inheriting a host of plumbing problems that could cost you a lot of money in the future.

When you get a plumbing professional to perform a home plumbing inspection, you can expect that he/she will check for the following:

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Plumbing Maintenance Tips For Rental Units

plumbing maintenance tips for rental unitsBeing a landlord and having apartments or houses being rented out isn’t just about receiving monthly rent from tenants. As a landlord, you have several major responsibilities, not the least among them is plumbing maintenance in your rental units. It is your duty to provide your tenants with a working plumbing system, from clean running water to a normally functioning sink and bathroom. Should there any of your tenants come to you with a plumbing problem, it is also your duty to attend to them immediately.

Apart from addressing the needs (and rights) of your tenants, performing plumbing maintenance on your rental units also helps you protect your investment. As long as your rental units have properly maintained plumbing systems, potential renters will continue to pour in over the years. Here are some plumbing maintenance tips that will help you keep things that way.

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Tips For Maintaining Your Bathroom Plumbing

maintaining your bathroom plumbingPerforming bathroom plumbing maintenance is an important task that no home owner should ever neglect. After all, bathroom plumbing maintenance ensures that your bathroom will run smoothly and efficiently for a long time to come. Sure, plumbing problems may pop up every now and then, but if you regularly perform bathroom plumbing maintenance, these plumbing problems will be few and far-between. You can do them yourself, or you can hire plumbing professionals do do them for you.

To help you out, we’d like to share some tips for maintaining your bathroom plumbing.

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