Spotting Hidden Plumbing Problems

spotting hidden plumbing problemsSo you’re interested in buying this 3-bedroom house because of its wonderfully renovated kitchen or bathroom, and you’re willing to pay top dollar for it. However, you may need to hold your horses before signing anything, because shiny and sparkly bathrooms and kitchens don’t necessarily mean excellent plumbing. For all you know, underneath those shiny exteriors are hidden plumbing problems that could rear their ugly heads at the most inopportune times and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

To make sure you are not buying a home with hidden plumbing problems, you need to spot them before money and documents change hands. Here are some ways to do just that.

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Plumbing Issues Only Professionals Should Fix

plumbing issues only professionals should fixIn the life of a home owner, it is but normal for plumbing issues to pop up every now and then. Some of these plumbing issues can be done the DIY way, like replacing washers or dealing with a simple drain clog. There are, however, certain plumbing problems that only professionals should fix. With their training, skills, experience and tools, professional plumbers are better equipped to deal with much more difficult plumbing problems. Here are some plumbing issues only professionals should fix.

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How to Tell if Your Cracked Toilet Needs Repair or Replacement

cracked toilet needs repair or replacementSpotting a crack in your toilet could prove to be difficult, particularly when a crack is quite tiny it’s virtually undetectable. However, one clear indicator that you have got a cracked toilet is if you notice water on your otherwise dry bathroom floor. The moment you notice this puddle of water, you know that you have a leak, and you have to do your best to find where the leak is coming from. Find that crack in your toilet, and you will be able to assess if all your cracked toilet needs is repair work, or if it already needs to be replaced entirely.

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Six Plumbing Problems You Must Never Ignore

plumbing emergencyThe thing about a plumbing system is that it is often neglected until something goes wrong. You’d even feel more foolish if you have seen certain signs that there is a plumbing problem yet you chose to ignore it. When any part of your plumbing system shows signs of trouble, you should always pay attention to it. If you choose to ignore it, the plumbing problem could get worse and when it becomes a full blown plumbing emergency, you’ll be filled with regret knowing you could have done something to prevent a plumbing disaster and you chose not to do anything about it.

What we’re saying here is that plumbing problems, no matter how small, should never be ignored. As far as your plumbing system is concerned, you must never put off for tomorrow what you can do for today. The earlier you address a plumbing problem, the lesser the chance of a plumbing emergency giving you the most stressful time of your home-owning life. Here are some plumbing problems you must never ignore.

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How To Fix My Leaky Toilet?

fixing your leaky toiletTens of thousands of gallons of water are wasted in homes every year due to water leaks. One of the most common sources of water leaks are leaky toilets. A leaky toilet can be quite bothersome. Even if it’s just a tiny leak, it can get bigger over time and cause costly flood damage.

If you have a leaky toilet, it’s best not to wait to do something about it. You can either call for help from professional plumbers, or you can fix the leaky toilet yourself. Should you decide to go the DIY route, here are the steps that you need to follow so you can get your leaky toilet functioning optimally again.

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What To Do If Your Drain Keeps Clogging Up

drain keeps clogging upLet’s assume that you had already contacted professional plumbers in the past and had them clear your clogged drain successfully. If those professional plumbers have already gotten rid of whatever it is that caused the clogged drain, why does your drain keep clogging up? The answer may be closer to home than you think.

Whether we like it or not, you can’t always be around to see everything that gets into your drains. More often than not, a clogged drain is caused by things that should have never made it into the system in the first place. If your drain keeps clogging up, you might want to take a closer look at the other members of your household, who might be a little too careless about what they stuff down your drains.

So far, these are the things that usually cause a clogged drain:

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Get a Plumbing Inspection Done Before Buying A House

plumbing inspectionWhen buying a home, there are a lot of other things to consider before you get the paperwork started, such as a plumbing inspection. You don’t just buy it because you like the way it looks, or that it’s spacious enough for your entire family.

While you can opt to do the plumbing inspection yourself, it’s always best to leave this task to the professionals. They are the ones with the skills and experience necessary to spot any and all potential plumbing problems of a house you’re eyeing.

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6 Reasons Your Garbage Disposal Is Not Working

reasons your garbage disposal is not workingFew things in life are as frustrating as finding out, after hours of labouring in the kitchen and getting your hands all filthy with food bits, that the garbage disposal, that very indispensable of kitchen tools, is not working. You flick the disposal switch every few seconds or so, but nothing happens.

A garbage disposal, like all household tools, can go on the fritz too, sometimes a little more frequently than the others. The following are some of the more common reasons your garbage disposal is not working.

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Sewer Sensors To Pinpoint Bomb-Makers

intelligent sensors in the sewerage systemThis one sounds like it’s straight out of some high-octane sci-fi thriller, but it’s all true. According to an article written by Ben Coxworth for GizMag, a consortium called EMPHASIS is actually developing technology that could track chemicals that bomb-makers leave behind and eventually flow down the drain, and accurately locate where they actually originated.

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Tips For Fixing a Backed Up Main Drain Line

fixing a backed up main drain lineHaving one clogged drain is bad enough. In any case, one clogged drain may still be fixed easily, as the blockage could just be limited to that particular drain. However, when all your other drains are showing signs of being clogged, there’s a possibility that your main drain line may be backed up.

Ideally, fixing a backed up main drain line should be left to professional plumbers. However, if you want to give it a try, here are some useful tips for fixing a backed up main drain line.

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