Go For Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

trenchless sewer line repairWhether we like it or not, plumbing problems are bound to come up as the years go by. Leaking faucets, clogged drains and malfunctioning water heaters are just some of those plumbing issues that a home owner can expect to deal with over time. The one plumbing problem that home owners often dread, however, is when the sewer lines show signs of being damaged and therefore needing repair or replacement.

Troublesome and costly sewer problems

Repairing or replacing sewer pipes presents some of the most troublesome plumbing jobs a home owner has to get done. Damaged sewer pipes, after all, means sewage is making it into the ground and causing health hazards. The problem is, repairing or replacing sewer pipes requires the home owner to dig to get to the pipes, and that means he has to create what could only be a landscaping mess. And it’s a pretty expensive one too, because you don’t just have to rip through parts of your yard. You will also have to put it all back together after the pipes have been repaired or replaced.

Fortunately, there is another option available for those who don’t want the trouble and the expense of digging a trench. Fittingly enough, this option is called trenchless sewer line repair, and it’s fast becoming the choice for many home owners dealing with sewer line problems. There are actually two different trenchless sewer line repair techniques being done by professional plumbers today.

Pipe relining

Pipe relining requires the insertion into an old sewer pipe of a flexible tube coated with a special epoxy. This tube will then be inflated once fully inserted and the epoxy will harden, essentially forming a brand new pipe within that pipe. The only digging that is required for pipe relining is for one small hole close to the old sewer line.

Pipe bursting

Pipe bursting, on the other hand, involves forcing a new pipe through the old one. To perform a pipe bursting job, a small hole must be dug on each side of the sewer line. With the use of specialised machines, a bursting head will be rammed through the pipe and effectively smash it to pieces. While it’s doing that, a replacement pipe will be pulled through the hole at the same time.

Aside from the fact that it’s less expensive and more convenient, trenchless sewer line repair is also more environment-friendly. The fact that pipe relining and pipe bursting do not require any excavation means there will be no trees to uproot, grass to tear up or small animals to displace or even harm. Without a doubt, trenchless sewer line repair is a much more preferable way of dealing with sewer line problems.