The History of Plumbing – Great Video

December 2, 2018 Posted By Matt O'Brien

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Let’s face it: our lives are so dependent on plumbing that living without it is simply unimaginable. The funny thing is, we know how important plumbing is to us, but most of us actually wait for something wrong to happen before we give our plumbing any attention. Also, most of us are rather clueless as to how modern plumbing as we know it came to be.

Watch the History of Plumbing

Modern plumbing as we know it is not some recent invention. Excellent sanitary drainage systems already existed during the time of the Romans, widely considered to be the best plumbers in history. Of course, the work of the plumbers of 19th and 20th century effectively perfected modern plumbing, but the work of the Roman plumbers was way ahead of their time and set the stage for the perfection of the plumbing that we are currently enjoying right now.

Would you like to know more about the history of plumbing? Then watch this video of an episode of Modern Marvels on The History Channel. It tells us definitely fascinating and educational facts about modern plumbing that few of us actually know and appreciate. Watch the video and you will surely appreciate your plumbing even more.

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