Signs Your Home Needs Repiping

May 6, 2018 Posted By Matt O'Brien

Water Hammer

Much of a home’s pipes are buried behind walls or underneath the ground. So when those pipes suffer any kind of damage, it could take some time before you actually notice it. The thing is, many home owners fail to take immediate action even if they do notice that’s something wrong with the pipes. More often than not, they only take action when it’s already too late.

No matter how top-quality your plumbing system is, the time will come when it stops functioning the way it should. Pipes will eventually break down, and you will have to replace them. And you’ll know when the time to repipe your home has come because of the following signs:

Decreased Water Pressure

It’s incredibly frustrating to turn your faucet or shower on at full blast and only get a tiny stream of water or even sputtering. More often than not, this means you have a water pressure problem. If you have steel or galvanised piping, then it’s possible that your pipes are already corroded, and that corrosion is essentially keeping the water from flowing normally. Have your pipes checked by a professional plumber for corrosion. If the corrosion problem is already that bad, you will have to repipe.

Leaky Pipes

Another primary sign that your house needs repiping are leaks. A pipe could be leaking for any number of reasons, and not taking any action as soon as the leak is detected could mean astronomical water bills. That could get even worse if the leak involves not just one pipe, but a number of other pipes in the system. Replace pipes at the first sign of a leak, and spare yourself from the stress of having to deal with flooding inside your home and a skyrocketing water bill.

Rusty Water

If rusty water is coming out of your faucet and you have to wait for a few minutes for the colour to fade, then you have a clear sign that your plumbing system can use a repiping. When you have rust coloured water, you might have pipes that are worn out. Water, after all, contains iron, among many other things, and iron may have already clung to the pipes and caused them to rust. If you want to make sure that your rust-coloured water is caused by extensive rusting in the pipes, have them checked by a professional plumber check.

Old Pipes

If you know that the pipes in your house are pretty old, then you should seriously consider repiping, particularly when you notice any of the signs previously mentioned. Old pipes are mighty prone to such damages, and you certainly don’t want to wait until these old pipes burst and cause a lot more damage to your home.

The thing with many home owners is that they try to do the repiping themselves to save money, but the chance of them messing things up is quite high. To make sure that your pipes are thoroughly checked and skillfully replaced, we recommend that you get the services of a professional plumber, like the ones we have at Beez Neez Plumbing.

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