How to Tell If You Have a Leaking Toilet

July 8, 2018 Posted By Matt O'Brien

toilet leak

If you’re not vigilant enough, you might have a toilet leak and not know about it for some time. When your latest water bill comes, you are likely to get the shock of your life upon seeing how much you will have to pay for all that water wasted right under your nose.

To avoid paying that much for water you didn’t even get to use, you have to check your toilet for leaks every now and then. Here are some ways to tell if you have a leaking toilet.

Put Some Food Colouring into the Toilet Tank

A simple way of telling if your toilet is leaking is to put some food colouring (preferably red) into the tank of your toilet. Leave it for a few minutes, and if you see the water in your bowl turn red, then you most definitely have a toilet leak to deal with.

Check the Flapper

A faulty flapper can also be one of the reasons for a toilet leak. In case you don’t know what a flapper is, it is that rubber valve that opens to let water out of the toilet tank every time you pull on the toilet handle flush and closes to allow the tank to refill. To determine if the flapper is the culprit, draw a line at the water level inside the tank. Leave the toilet for about half an hour and when you see the water level drop when your return, then your flapper may need some fixing or even complete replacement.

See if the Water Level is Properly Set

It’s also possible for a toilet leak to be caused by an incorrect setting of the water level in the toilet tank. Unless set properly, water in the tank could exceed the water level, and all that excess water will leak into the overflow tube. To correct this, you must bend the float arm downwards. That way, the water will shut down just under the overflow line.

Check the toilet for cracks

You might have a leaking toilet if you see water pooling around its base, and these kinds of leaks are often caused by cracks in the tank or in the bowl. So scour the entire toilet for any indication of a crack, and if you find one or a few, get it fixed no matter how small they may seem to you.

Check the Mechanism of the Toilet Tank

In some cases, you may only need to jiggle the toilet handle to put a stop to any toilet leak. Still, it’s worthwhile to check if the flush lever bar or the chain is sticking. If the handle feels a bit loose, tighten and adjust the nut to make sure the handle is securely in place.

Check the Pipes for Cracks

The toilet itself might be fine, but the pipes could be cracked or damaged by rust. If the leak is caused by damaged or rusting pipes, the only real option here is to replace them entirely. If this is the case, it’s best to have professionals do the job. Call Beez Neez Plumbing, whose plumbers can ensure that everything is done properly.

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