Why Hire a Professional Plumber for Your Bathroom Renovation

bathroom renovationWe live in a time when DIY projects seem to be the norm among home owners. Whether we’re fixing things around the house or creating them, we prefer to go the do-it-yourself route not only because it saves us money, but also because it gives us a sense of accomplishment, that we have done something for our very own homes using our very own hands.

DIY, however, is not for everything. Not that we’re belittling our skills, but there are just some house projects that we are certainly going to need a professional hand with. Bathroom renovation, for instance, is one of those major household projects that could use the help of a professional plumber. Here’s why.

Bathroom renovation can be tricky

A bathroom renovation may seem like a simple enough project, but it’s everything but. There are multiple plumbing fixtures that need to be attached to main water and sewer lines. Unless your plumbing skills and experience are on par with a professional, letting a professional plumber help with your bathroom renovation is the smart thing to do. You wouldn’t want to be doing the plumbing work yourself and end up hiring a professional plumber later on when something goes wrong with the job that you did.

A bathroom renovation project takes time

If you have a regular job or a business to attend to, doing a bathroom renovation yourself could mean a lot of time away from work. Your daily routine will be rudely interrupted, and you will certainly be losing more money than you’re saving by going DIY on the bathroom renovation. With a professional plumber, you won’t have to spend more time on the project than you have to.

A professional plumber will ensure minimal or no plumbing issues

Plumbing work that isn’t professionally done tends to produce issues that will make you spend more money fixing than if you had hired a professional plumber the first time around. Only a professional plumber can ensure that your newly-renovated bathroom’s sink, shower, toilet and multiple drains will not develop leaks earlier than expected.

A professional plumber gives you more options

With their years of experience in the field, professional plumbers have access not only to suppliers you never knew existed, but also have knowledge of a much wider variety of products that you don’t always see in a regular hardware store. If you do the bathroom renovation yourself, you are likely to have limited options when it comes to faucets, showers, frames and toilets, because you will only be getting the most basic commercial models in the market. A professional plumber, on the other hand, can point you in the right direction as far as plumbing products are concerned, and with their long list of trusted suppliers, you will be able to get those products at relatively more affordable prices.

So if you’re thinking about starting a renovation project, we recommend hiring a professional plumber to help you do it. It’s your only assurance that the plumbing job will be done properly and professionally. That is, at least, what we at Beez Neez Plumbing can assure. Give us a call, and let us help you achieve that bathroom you’ve always wanted.