Things to Consider When Doing a Bathroom Renovation

bathroom renovationBy nature, a bathroom renovation is one of the more complex renovation projects you can initiate. If renovating a bathroom were any simpler, you’ll probably only going to need one person to do the whole thing. That, however, isn’t the case. You will need a number of skilled tradespeople—professional plumbers included—to help you get the bathroom you have always wanted.

Aside from the trades, there are also a number of other things you need to take into consideration when you undertake a bathroom renovation. Here are some of them.

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Why Hire a Professional Plumber for Your Bathroom Renovation

bathroom renovationWe live in a time when DIY projects seem to be the norm among home owners. Whether we’re fixing things around the house or creating them, we prefer to go the do-it-yourself route not only because it saves us money, but also because it gives us a sense of accomplishment, that we have done something for our very own homes using our very own hands.

DIY, however, is not for everything. Not that we’re belittling our skills, but there are just some house projects that we are certainly going to need a professional hand with. Bathroom renovation, for instance, is one of those major household projects that could use the help of a professional plumber. Here’s why.

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Install Water-Efficient Toilets in Your Home

install water efficient toilets in your homeThe flush toilet is probably one of the greatest inventions of all time. However, it is also one of the most wasteful in terms of water used with every flush. Considering that the water being used by regular flush toilets is often valuable tap water, we have to find ways to save as much water as we can. Water, after all, is not an infinite resource, and wasting it on flushing is not helping in any way.

Thankfully, modern technology has come up with more water-efficient toilets. If older model toilets use up approximately 12 litres of water with each flush, water-efficient toilets like dual-flush ones use only 3 litres per flush. Installing water-efficient will save you a lot of money in the long run, not to mention enable you to help the environment by conserving more water. If you’re going to buy and install water-efficient toilets in your home, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

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Choosing a Bathroom Vanity

choosing a bathroom vanitySo you’re renovating your bathroom, and you want to make it as stylish and classy as you can make it. If your idea of making that happen is to install a vanity in your bathroom, then you’re on the right track. A vanity, which is basically a combination of the bathroom sink or basin and the storage that surrounds it, is pretty much the centrepiece of the bathroom. Apart from holding the sink concealing the associated plumbing, a bathroom vanity also provides much needed storage.

Since they come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and designs, you might find choosing a bathroom vanity a little tricky. Here are some tips that we hope can help you when choosing a bathroom vanity.

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Why You Should Not Repair or Replace Your Toilet By Yourself

toilet replacementThere are a number of plumbing problems at home that you can actually fix yourself. A leaking faucet, for instance, is easy enough to replace provided you have the necessary tools. There are, however, several plumbing tasks that you should never do yourself, because you might do more harm than good. Replacing a toilet is one of them.

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8 Tips For Creating A Healthy Bathroom For Your Home

healthy bathroomEveryone wants a bathroom that is clean, fresh-smelling and of course, healthy. This is entirely possible for everyone, whether you’re sticking with your old bathroom, renovating your old one, or building an entirely new house. Here are 8 tips for creating a healthy bathroom for your home.

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Three Good Reasons to Renovate Your Bathroom

renovate your bathroomAs you read all those magazines and watch those shows that showcase the bathrooms of your dreams, the desire to renovate your bathroom becomes even stronger. After all, no home owner could ever say no to a bathroom that sparkles in more ways than one, so to speak. When you look at your own bathroom right now, it’s likely that you’re secretly wishing you could get a bathroom renovation project off the ground.

Then again, you need to realise that a bathroom renovation project is not that easy. It is, in fact, one of the more complex renovations you can do for your home. You’re going to need plumbers, electricians and tillers for the job. On top of all that, you will likely want to buy highly decorative (and of course, more expensive) items for your bathroom. Unless budget is not a problem for the entire bathroom renovation project, you will probably need to have compelling reasons to renovate your bathroom. Those reasons could be any of the following:

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Make The Bathroom A Safe(r) Place For Your Family

make the bathroom a safe place for your familyBelieve it or not, few rooms in your home are as dangerous as your bathroom. If you’re having a hard time believing that, perhaps the thousands of Australians who get treatment for non-fatal injuries suffered in the bathroom every year would help drive the idea home.

It does make sense to look at the bathroom as one of the most dangerous places within your own home. After all, a bathroom has tile floors on which one can easily slip on. And when one slips on bathroom tile floors, that person is likely to hit his or his head on plumbing fixtures made out of porcelain, steel or granite.

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Things to Consider When Installing a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

installing a bathroom exhaust fanThere are a lot of benefits that come with installing a bathroom exhaust fan. For one, a bathroom exhaust fan can surely eliminate fogged-up windows. You can also say goodbye to stale odours that are common in bathrooms without proper ventilation. Most importantly of all, a bathroom exhaust fan will prevent problems related to moisture such as mildew and mould build-up.

Installing a bathroom exhaust fan sounds simple enough, but you can’t just pick a spot inside your bathroom at random and install the fan. There are a number of things that we need to consider before picking up our power drill and saw and making a hole for the bathroom exhaust fan. Here are some of the things to consider when installing a bathroom exhaust fan.

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The Unexpected Costs of Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation

unexpected costs of bathroom and kitchen remodellingIt’s but natural for every home owner to be pretty excited about renovating their bathroom or the kitchen. Aside from making your home look even greater, a kitchen or bathroom remodelling can raise the value of your home even more. So you have already set aside a budget for your kitchen or bathroom renovation, and it can fairly be said that that budget must be pretty steep. However, have you prepared for the unexpected costs of bathroom and kitchen remodelling?

Yes, as with most construction work, kitchen or bathroom remodelling has hidden costs that you have to be prepared for, or you’ll end up with a short budget and an unfinished project. Here are some of the unexpected costs of bathroom and kitchen renovation.

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