Why Location is Key When Your Water Heater Leaks

water heater leaksFew things in life are as inconvenient—in some cases, costly—as a water heater leak. It’s bad enough that hot water and energy are being wasted when your water heater leaks. What can make it even worse is when all that spilled hot water causes water damage, and that is the very reason location is key when your water heater leaks. Where you install your water heater spells the difference between easily cleaned up water leaks to catastrophic water damage.

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What Is An Automatic Water Shutoff Valve?

water leakMost modern homes have appliances that are connected to the water supply. Washing machines, dishwashers, drinking fountains and ice machines are all water-fed, which means there is always a possibility of a water leak one day. Water leaks can be managed if you’re always at home, but what if you’re not home when they happen? We’ve always talked about how important it is to know the location of your main water shutoff valve in case water leaks happen, but that is pretty much irrelevant when the water leak happens when no one’s home.

Thankfully, modern technology has come up with a way to protect your home from water damage even when you’re not around. It’s called an automatic water shutoff valve, and it’s a must if you have water-fed appliances all over your home.

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What You Need to Know About Potable Water

potable waterAs a kid, I’ve come across the word “potable” countless times, and it always comes right before the word “water”. I always thought that it meant water from a pot, so I totally understand when a lot of grownups today still have no idea what potable water means. Believe it or not, I have received queries about potable water and its difference to other types of water.

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What To Do If Water Keeps Running in Your Toilet

water keeps running in your toiletOn the surface, your toilet may seem just fine, as it appears to be working properly every single time you flush it. However, if you take a closer look, your perfectly working toilet may actually be running even when not in use. Some home owners don’t pay much attention to this since they regard it as a minor problem. The only time they do anything about it is when the water bill for the month arrives and reflects a sharp increase.

A running toilet, needless to say, is an awful waste of water that should never have happened in the first place. It’s easy to notice a running toilet, and troubleshooting a running toilet is even easier.

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Fixing A Water Heater Leak

fixing a water heater leakA common problem that besets our hot water system is a leak. A water heater leak is really bad news as far as your home is concerned. Whether your water heater is installed in your basement or a closet, a water heater leak will eventually cause flooding, which can cause damage to your floors and walls. Even a tiny water heater leak can cause problems in the form of mildew and moulds, which are as damaging as they are unsightly and hazardous to your health.

Calling in a professional plumber for help in fixing a water heater leak is the best decision you can make in this situation. However, if you have a thing for DIY, here are some steps that might help in fixing a water heater leak.

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How To Fix Old Dripping Faucets

fix old dripping faucetsThere are a lot of things to treasure in an old home. The design, for one, can be quite unique, especially when you live in an area where every other house had been built decades later. Certain parts of the house also tend to be really sturdy, especially those made of real hardwood. The plumbing, however, is an entirely different story.

Old houses naturally have old plumbing systems, and old plumbing systems aren’t really that great to begin with. An old faucet alone can already cause many problems. The older the faucet, the more likely it is to produce leaks and raise your water bills in the process. You can always replace old faucets, but if you put a lot of sentimental value on that old faucet, you can always choose to just fix it, that is, if it can still be fixed. Here’s how to fix old dripping faucets.

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Dealing With A Leaking Roof

dealing with a leaking roofWhen you’re a home owner, you have to expect that over time, various problems concerning certain parts of the house will arise. There are problems that may be ignored and put off for another time. Some problems, however, require immediate attention because not doing anything about will, in the long run, cost us more in more ways than one. A leaking roof is certainly one of those house problems that you have to deal with as soon as you can.

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