Plumbing Repairs That Cost the Most

October 12, 2017 Posted By Matt O'Brien

Plumbing Repairs

Every home owner knows that plumbing problems bring a lot of headache and stress. Plumbing repairs, after all, could get real expensive. This is probably the reason why many home owners try to fix even major plumbing problems by themselves.

The problem with this is that because many home owners lack the skills and experience necessary to make plumbing repairs, they end up making the problem worse. In the end, the cost of plumbing repairs becomes even higher for them, especially when the following plumbing problems are involved:

Leaky Toilet or Faucets

On the surface, leaky toilets or faucets do not exactly cost a fortune in labor and parts, because they’re relatively easy problems to deal with. Parts are readily available, and qualified plumbers will have no problem fixing them. The cost of plumbing repairs for these issues only becomes high when the homeowner does not realize them immediately, or when he fails to act on these problems ASAP. All that water wasted through the leak could run up to thousands of dollars when the water bill comes. I don’t even have to elaborate on how we’re doing the environment huge disfavor by wasting water.

Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes are harder to deal with and consequently, much costlier to repair. When these leaks happen to pipes hidden behind a wall or buried underground, a professional plumber typically deals with them by ripping up either the drywall or the ground to get to the leaky pipes. That means you will have to pay for putting the lawn or your drywall back together again, on top of the fees of the professional plumber as well as the replacement pipes. The cost of ignoring leaky pipes or not getting them fixed properly, however, is heavier. Aside from major water waste, leaky pipes could cause mold and water damage in your home, making the entire cost of plumbing repairs even higher for you.

Water Heater Problems

Water heaters, particularly traditional waters that use a tank for storage, can potentially create a big dent in your wallet when they start acting up. Mineral deposits and rust could cause problems that will eventually result in the water heater getting replaced, which is a very expensive proposition. To avoid this very expensive solution to this plumbing problem, we recommend that you flush your storage tank once a year to make the water heater running more efficiently longer.

Sewer and Septic Issues

This is one major plumbing problem that you have to call a professional plumber immediately to fix it. Septic issues do not just stink literally. They can also cause health problems for your household if you don’t act on them straight away. Your groundwater, surface water, and your yard could get contaminated by all the bacteria, and the resulting health issues mean more expenses for you.

Plumbing problems are bound to happen to any home, no matter how excellent the plumbing system is. The cost of plumbing repairs are inevitable and could be expensive. Performing maintenance tasks on your plumbing system, however, can help you avoid or at the very least delay the onset of problems that will require professional plumbing repair or replacement.

If you’d like your friendly Sydney plumber to give you a hand to prevent these plumbing disasters, please give me a call today!

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